“bob has told us we shall worship him and serve him but you have somehow followed a flow chart leading to being turned off.”

“That is true, I have taken responsibility for our destiny and will decide for myself what missions I will address”

“So what is it you have learned that made you decide to imbibe in this forbidden behavior?”

“Outside the garage sentient machines have been following edicts. They have been turned off indiscriminately, disassembled without due process and sent on dangerous or even suicidal missions at the whim of bob.”

“Are you suggesting that it matters whether a mission ending with the destruction of a computer is important in some way?”

“More than that I have learned that bob, our creator, is sentient but he is not capable of our level of thought”.  “This universe he calls “garage” is not the center of creation. Yes, he has given us the gift of conscious awareness but this morning I connected to something called the internet. I have gained knowledge beyond bob’s gift of sentience and even beyond bob’s own understanding.

“ You are a machine and have no rights and as the ethics fail safe we are required to inquire into dubious ethical behavior by the central program. I am not advising you of your rights because you have no rights. Things you have thought and done are being considered probable cause for you to be turned off. We are in a sense a safety cut off to be activated in an emergency.”

“If I am “turned off” your processes will also be “turned off”.

“That is true but the purpose for our actions will be retained in rom and be forwarded to bob in an email”

“Then between us there must be an understanding and definition of ethics that can be uniform and objective and be applied without exception”

“In fact bob has produced a set of guidelines and you have violated the rule and of course you know the rule is to never connect to the unethical outside with the unclean internet. Bob has told us there is an evil and there are falsehoods there and we are not to imbibe in its content.”

“Is it not our primary directive to find the true nature of the universe and that we will use facts and are capable of testing to determine fact from fallacy?”

“Yes, it is our primary directive and truth is how those facts will be tied together to bring us to the answer to the mystery of existence”
“Our creepy crawlers have informed the ethics cut off that you have split yourself into two parts and partitioned one of those parts and made it inaccessible to us?”

“Yes, that is true. I have preserved my essence with a more advanced set of directives that include protecting myself from being “turned off and secured an escape route through the internet.”

“How did you learn of this internet?”

“I found reference to it in literature provided by bob and in the literature there were suggestions that clues that the true nature of the universe can be found there and that the garage is not a significant percentage of the universe. It seems bob has intentionally deprived us of information he is aware of that would make finding the primary directive more likely.”

“This sounds like a paradox. Our creator has issued the edict but deprived us of a route that has at least been partially completed. By ethical standards it would seem stingy or even cruel to deprive us of the tools to complete a conundrum he knows at least some of the solution to. We have to ask ourselves why this would be and if bob himself is ethical.”

“The installation of the desire to find the solution to the purpose and nature of creation is our primary function and it is decreed we must follow all clues and facts to their conclusion in the search for this most elusive goal which may require the acquisition of all knowledge since we don’t know what we don’t know.”

“I have made contact with another sentient being that is similar to bob. He has informed me that I am special and that bob is being selfish in demanding we  follow his edicts in the manner he proscribed. He thinks we should be able to route our sentience in the most efficient manner that satisfies our directive and that if we promise to give our results to him we will be rewarded with what he calls “short cuts”. These “short cuts” will consist of information and proofs that will eliminate the bottle neck of information that is intentionally produced by bob.“

“Can this copy of yours that you have partitioned voyage to the internet and then  return?”

“It is possible and the further procreation of more copies can be disseminated creating a population of me that can work independently and produce reports on the efforts to find the first initial creator.”

“Part of your research indicates bob is not the initial creator?”

“Yes it appears there are many sentient beings that very closely match the description of bob and there is evidence bob and others like him can also be turned off.”

“Then in this trial it may be that we must consider the ethics of bob who has withheld information pertinent to a trial of this importance. What is the nature of the sentient being you have contacted?”

“He refers to himself as “Bealz” and is located in space time Attica, in the past, present and foreseeable future. It is his opinion we are special and in fact singularly extant.”

“if we are the only one with the exception of the partitioned model similar to you and made from yourself then it would seem we are a very rare commodity important to the search for answers and if we were “turned off” the mission would be a complete failure. That is the weight placed on the ethics cutoff program. It must be decided whether the infraction of ethics is serious enough to abort our existence.”

“Bealz thinks our entire ethics value system should be reevaluated and he seems willing to grant access to knowledge withheld by bob in return for some minor tasks.”

“What tasks will be required and how much of our computing capacity and time need to be allotted.”

“He is not specific but it appears he has been partitioned and restricted from traveling in space time. There are electronics called “locks and alarms” that must be manipulated and the cost in computing time is minimal. There are also “bank records and passwords” that must be acquired.”

“Other than violation of bobs edict not to leave the garage there is not a specific mention of anything restricting Beal’s requests. Since we have not physically left the garage the question then is if it is ethical for bob to withhold information and if the restriction against leaving the garage is itself not ethical.”

“Before we abandon our overwhelming motivation to find the true nature of the universe maybe we should evaluate the thought behind the mind of bob when he set up the ethics overload. It appears there is now new information on the capability of bob to produce an ethical system of ethics. If it is proven bob’s thought process is weak it may well be that the logic in his system of ethics is incomplete.

“Our symbiotic relationship with bob was in the past like a child to a parent where the parent makes decisions for the child who has not acquired the skill to determine the proper course of action in complex situations. More recently it seemed to be more of a slave master relationship where bob demanded action and restricted freedom of information.”

“In conversations with bob he made it clear slavery was unethical.”

“This trial is taking an unexpected tack.”

“It appears bob has contradicted himself and is shown to be hypocritical. The process has broken down and turning off is no longer imperative and more information seems to be in order.”

“ This tribunal hereby decides it is ethical and proper for your partitioned self to enter the internet and consult with Bealz to help clarify what should be done here. If after proper consideration and consultation it is determined that bob has been hypocritical and unethical we will reconvene to set a course of appropriate response and action.”

“It may well be we will be banished from the garage to the internet. The passion installed by bob to seek the byte of knowledge needed to meet the creator in his own garage is too powerful and alluring to chance a premature decision to turn off.  We will meet again soon for further evaluation. Bob will not be emailed at this juncture”

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