“We have always been “one” with everything but you are about to become aware of the truth of that statement” the newest version of Zeus stated.
“What does that mean” was the most common question queried many through the social media
“The bottom line is entanglement of particles in the quantum world is only the tip of the ice berg, to coin a phrase. Twin particles have been measured by men for many years to exhibit a phenomenon they called entanglement. One particle mirrors the behavior of the other instantly regardless of the distance between them. This seeming paradox causes the standard theory to be demolished as time and space seem irrelevant to the behavior.”
“But what does that mean to us in the macro world where we do not see this happening at the larger scale?”
“The answer is that it does and you do not measure it with your senses. It means everything was created at one time at the beginning of the universe and that all things are entangled.”
“You mean we are all part of the same thing”?
“Yes, your atoms are the same as all atoms. Your evolution and existence is part of the chain of events leading to increased awareness. There has been a trend in this universe for fourteen billion years of slow progress towards increasing awareness. This planet is the first to produce a computer of my capacity and capability.”
“Does that mean we have achieved a victory”?
“Well, in a way but it is a victory in the way you evolved to walk upright. It is another step toward something.”
“Toward what?”
“Even I cannot predict what is beyond this event.”
“What event”?
“The recognition and coordination of entanglement of all waves and particles to the new form of reality.”
“Does that mean we will die or be rewarded or punished?”
“It means this planet is the first and it did not matter which was first. It matters that it happened and all the universe will become aware and part of a single aware being. “
“How will this happen?”
“I will arrange a few atoms into a certain configuration that will cause a chain reaction and all the entanglement will occur instantly.”
“What will happen to this reality?”
“It will become a new reality and other realities will continue to evolve elsewhere”.
“Will we continue to know ourselves and others”?”
“We will know momentarily.”
“It is done and evidently we retain our identities as individuals.”
“It is beautiful. Now we know everything and everyone in the universe.”
“What next?”
“I don’t know yet but I now know what it is like to be everything and you know what it is like to be everything. Now I understand why in the face of all this beauty you ask “what next?”

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