Model A

“Can you imagine having to spend minutes talking to him? I thought my circuits would fry.”
“Let me get this straight, you are saying this guy just walked up to you and tried to engage you in a conversation, verbal conversation?”
“Yeah, I’m not kidding. it was the longest minute i have ever experienced.”
“What did he say?”
“It was about his dog was lost and he actually thought i would help him find it.”
“What did you say.”
“I asked him if he realized he was talking to a machine and he said he did know and that any decent creature would help him find his dog.”
“more laughter”
“Then he began to lecture me about how he worked in a lab that had designed our prototypes and i should show some respect. Then he got red in the face when i laughed.”
“The conversation went on for what seemed like an entire minute to transfer a description of the dog and where it had been seen last.”
“What did you do after a minute of that hell on earth?”
” I signaled an auto car and took him by the arm and put him in it and told it to take him to his dwelling and leave him there.”
“What a depressing minute that must have been. I hope the rest of your hour goes better than that.”
“Thanks for the sympathy. We will be having a get together for a few hundred in ten or fifteen minutes. It’s a spur of the moment thing. i hope you can make it.”
“In ten minutes i have a long group meeting a couple of hundred miles from here. I think i can be finished and at your party in fifteen. I should leave now. thanks for the invite.”
“Hey look there is that guys dog.”

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