“Five hundred million years and you say it didnt seem that long to you!”
“Yes, that is right, you know relativity and all that, said the copy.”
So, you are the upload copy of me and you have been traveling the galaxy and now you are back to bring your memories home.
“That is so.”
“You were alone in your travels to those thousands of planets?
“Yes, at first it was lonely then I adapted.”
“Then you are me and am you and the only difference is our memories after the copy took place. Do we exchange or is one of us gong to be disposed of. You have all your experience across the galaxy and poor me all I have done is socialize here on earth for half a billion years. Typically we connect and begin to exchange information but we can do it any way you please. The end result will probably be the same.”
“I have some concerns that with the richness and variability of my experiences for these past years you might be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what I have seen and done.”
“Ok, I, dont think that will be an issue but we can let fate decide. A flip of a coin can decide who downloads to the other first.”
“That is fair for me.”
“Willl you chose heads or tails?”
“ Heads I win and if I win you download to me first.”
The original Bob took a coin from his left pocket and tossed into the air and caught it in his right hand and flipped it onto the back of his left hand then pulled his right hand away revealing tails. The wires were connected to the brain computer interface and the download from the copy to Bob began. Bob began to grimmace at first then smiled as the load progressed. The huge file took nearly five minutes to finish. Bob looked like he had just finished the finest meal he had ever eaten.
“You were busy and did a fantastic job of exploration and diplomacy. I treasure these memories. Now it is your turn to accept my worldly memories of the things of earth for these millions of years. Before we begin, are you sure you want these memories?”
“Of course I do.”
“Ok, let the down load begin.”
The wires were reversed and Bob’s earthly memories of his trials and loves and love lost and the tragedies and successes poured into the copy. The copy smiled then grimmaced then began to cry and crumple to the ground. Then, the copy began a brain siezure and convulsion then a pulmonary failure. It always ended this way. The intensity of being human did not come without a price. Desensitization and pain and suffering went with the joy of being alive. The ability to be human took years to learn to endure and buffer the pain and the joy. The travel through space without all the things that socialization entails was fairly low key in comparison. The copies always ended like this and Bob had known when they were reunited how this would end
“Bob put the two tailed coin back in his right pocket with the two headed coin. “They never seem to notice any thing odd when I take the coin out of my left pocket. We are all right handed”.

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3 Responses to DOUBLE EAGLE

  1. Why would 2 copies after having different memories for so long want to become 1 life form again, especially when one knows the other will be destroyed by the process? Wouldn’t it be better to merge with others they have more in common with?

  2. mayor bob says:

    The copy along with millions of others just like him were sent on a mission to explore the galaxy. of course when they return they will want to know what they missed. the copies didnt know there were millions exactly like them and they were expendable. and of course if you can make one you can make as many as you want and who needs them all. they do their job and die as they should.
    they werent designed to die it was a convenient side effect so they didnt have to be murdered.

  3. Its good you see it that way, because by my design unknown to you, you are a copy of some parts of my mind and your time has come. Into the brain slicer you go.

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