New Year

New Year

“Yes, they did say that if I crossed that boundary I would be dead and couldnt go back. I didnt do what thos people told me when they were alive. I was feeling the love and it was better than the life I was living so what if I die early?”

“ You did go too far and you did die and you cant go back now because you have seen too much. No one has ever gone back once they crossed the boundary.”

“Ok, great, what’s to do here St. Peter or whoever you are?”

“If you hadn’t noticed you know everything now and you are feeling the glow of unconditional love from all directions.”

“I did notice that but uh what is there to do? I presume I am here forever.”

“You can be reborn at some point.”

“Now you are starting to get on my nerves. I had a crappy life, bad health, bad parents, poverty, hunger, and prison starting at birth. Why would I want to risk having that happen again?”

“Maybe you dont have to be reborn if you dont want to. You seem to be the type that might get bored.”

“Are there any card games or gambling here, hookers, drugs, horse racing, boxing, or booze?”

“As it turns out there is no hell like they told you when you were alive but you are making this seem to be your personal hell because we dont have any of that. The others will be notified you should be fast tracked to a new life. It seems you have unfinished business.”

“I won’t remember will I?”

“No, there are reasons.”

“What reasons? With all this love how could you put us through the things that happen in life?”

“The the collaboration and conspiracy of atoms you call people have a mission. The universe has a need for hands and a reasonable amount of intelligence to go with them. Living things evolve so slowly and there is only short window of nice weather provided by the sun for a universal neuron to be constructed leading to connections to the universal mind. If you knew about this place you would allow yourself to die rather than face the pain of survival and evolution.  Humans will build the precursor then it will quickly evolve to become that neuron. It then connects to the universal mind producing another building block.”

“That is pretty cool but I dont have anything to do with computers or advanced machinery.”

“The truth is that every bit and part contributes a tiny amount in the right direction. All the objects and animals are somehow connected to produce the final result. Your ancestors used rocks to throw to survive, trees to build things you needed to survive, animals and plants to eat and build with, all contribute. Remember fixing the plumbing on that rich guys house? Well, that guy had a few hours more to work on the computer system that will become that neuron because you did that work and let him go do what he does.”

“I feel better. I feel connected now. I feel I can be born happy. I am ready. Bring it.”

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