His shrink skipped happily over to his desk and took a huge magnifying glass from the top drawer and began to peruse Bob’s hair. Bob froze not really knowing how to react. It appeared his psychiatrist had become unhinged.

“Would you mind telling me why you are interested in such a close look at my head”?

“It’s your wife, Bob. She said you need your head examined. There is a science of phrenology that claims that mental diagnosis can be made from bumps and general shape of your cranium.  I am going to use that science to have you declared incompetent because if I do your wife will then spend a week in a hotel room with me  with the door unlocked only for room service. You see I am a real doctor and can prescribe all the medications she has only been able to dream of acquiring until she met me. I am telling you this only because you are hypnotized and I will next give you a post hypnotic suggestion to forget any of this took place”.

“Why would she do such a thing”.

“It seems you are stingy Bob. You have a large 401 k and she says you want to wait for retirement to get into it”.

The TV in the bedroom was programmed to come on at 6:00 to wake him. He stepped out of bed and onto his wife’s $400.00 pumps and nearly crashed headfirst into the dresser mirror. The front door opened and closed as he caught himself in the nick of time. Jane was leaving an hour early this week to open the shop for her boss who was out of town.

“What a fucked up dream, I don’t even have a 401 k or a shrink”.

The computer blathered along about cheap insurance that required no physical.  An out of tune piano in the background plinked away.

“Shower check, brush teeth check, shave check,  dress”

He put on his Goolagong glasses and began to peruse the national news. An ad popped up. It was odd because his anti-pop up software was usually up to the task. It was an ad for software called Convert To Truth. They claimed could differentiate between the truth and lies. The girl in the ad was wearing a pair of  Goolagong computer glasses and a bikini. The point of view became her point of view and a handsome muscular man in bathing trunks and a huge bulge came up to her and asked what she was doing later. The Goolagong glasses switched to infrared and showed the guy basically naked and he had a pair of rolled up sox stuck in his trunks. The bikini babe gave him a fake number and he was gone.

“Download software now”.

Then Bob eagerly booted up  and tried his new Goolagong Glass truth app. “Convert to Truth”.

The  tv/computer stopped the motion and began to explain that due to the demographics there was no way an insurance company could ever truly offer that much life protection for that price. Then it began to play faces of people telling their stories about their dealings with the company making the offer. Then it began to show the math. “Ok, truth app, stop now and allow the program I was watching to continue and in the future block this product from entering my stream of consciousness through any media. Looking through the Goolagong glass the TV went blank. He lifted the glasses and the ad was there and the sound returned.

“Wow, Bob thought. This app is great. I wonder how far reaching it can be.”  He waited until  his favorite candidate for senator began to bark his reasoning Bob should cast his vote in his favor.  He was in a swing state and they had been bombarded every ten minutes for weeks.

When the campaign ad was complete Bob called up the Convert to Truth app and applied it to the candidate. It began with 2  glasses of a red liquid. The first two were labeled truth in speech. The first glass was nearly empty and had the additional label of Truth Based on Past Behavior and the second had the additional label of Proven Track Record of Unselfish Legislation. It was also nearly empty. Then it began to list suspected criminal enterprises, correlated voting for large contributors to the detriment of voters.  It went on list his attendance in congress and proven shady dealings in the past with people who were later convicted of bribery, then more involved cases of proven but unprosecuted influence peddling.

Bob knew of  some of these criticisms but until now considered the guy the best of a bad lot.

“Convert to Truth App, now I want the condensed version for the future unless I explicitly request a complete rundown.”

The app replied “Yes sir”.

“And I would like the answer automatically in all media presentations to me in the corner of the display and above the source of the incoming information in my Google glass.”

“Yes sir.”

Bob was immediately surprised at the feedback and the volume of persuasion aimed in his direction. Almost all the statements on all the products had a skull and crossbones label with the word lie beneath it. In fact he had yet to see any gold stars with the word “truth” beneath it as was indicated would happen in the instance some form of truth was directed at him. Even the milk carton, the television, the magazines on the counter, the unopened mail and his computer screen had skulls. Going outside was just as disturbing. He had no idea the pounding his subconscious had been taking. All the bill boards within eyeshot were flashing red skulls, the billboards on the stores had the same. He gassed his Camaro and got immediately pulled over

The cop asked him for his license and registration. He asked, “Do you know how fast you were going”?

Bob, who was  wondering what the app was going to do with this said, “I think you are going to tell me aren’t you?”

“Yeah wise guy you were doing sixty in a thirty.”

The truth conversion went to work. It showed Bob’s true speed at thirty seven and put a red skull above the cops head. Bob hadn’t realized the app worked on people too. After receiving his citation he asked the app how it knew. The app told him the Google glass gps  knew how fast he was going and there were a dozen other things including the cops voice stress and blood flow invisible to human eyes.

Bob called his wife and her face popped up on the Google glass. “Hey honey, I just got a ticket on the way to work. I was going to take you to lunch. Where are you?”

“I’m driving to the market. I’ll see you tonight. Sorry I couldn’t make it.”

A red skull popped up over her head.

“Ok, later.”

The more Bob thought about it the more he realized he was surrounded by lies and liars. He scanned the help pull down and noticed it had a delete lies command.


The software was capable of differentiating harmful lies from lies meant to save his ego some pain. A mean spirited lie from a white lie.

The Goolagong glasses did not allow any lies  to be shown. The television did not show ads. No written lies passed through the glasses. The sound of people lying was blocked and their very visual appearance could be blocked. Everyone he would have seen that had a lying profile from the information available on the internet was blocked. Evidently the software was connected to some sort of face recognition software in the cloud. When it appeared he might collide with one of the invisible liars a ghostlike apparition of them appeared until he was out of danger of crashing into them.

After a few hours Bob realized he was free. Free of manipulation and could make decisions on his life without lying influences. Not only that he realized the very few people the glasses let him see noticed him and nodded and waved as he passed while not seeming to notice others. They had the app. He would vote for the only candidates he could see.  The world was honest for the first time. He had read about futurists’ guesses about the future of computing but they never guessed it might be like this. They all seemed intent on adding to reality. It seemed to Bob that reality was fine if he could eliminate some of it.

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  1. provoketur says:

    Thats the best of your stuff i have read yet.

  2. When many competing ConvertToTruth-like apps disagree on some of whats true, what do they say about eachother? Does it become party politics?

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