Look Familiar?

He looked for cameras and they were there, pretty much everywhere, but something was just not quite the way things used to be.

The Seven Eleven greeted him when he went in for a Slurpy and his car drove him where he wanted to go but it had gotten creepy when I noticed on a few occaisions when he was preoccupied the car took him where he intended to go without him giving it a destination. It had happened again when he sent the robot to the store having accidently left a few items off the list. When the robot got home the items were in the bags.

He mentioned it to the robot and it had lied and told him the items were on the list. Then things began to accelerate. The tv changed to the channel he wanted before he pushed the buttons on the remote.  Items he planed to purchase arrived in the mail with the credit card bills reflecting the purchase as if it had been used for the purchase.

Then worst of all some of the women  who he had read the profile of on match.com began to call him and make small talk. These women were the ones he wanted to make small talk to but who knew?

These women had refered to conversations they had with him on line which he could not remember having had. The women had been amused and charmed and some of the things he had supposedly said and he could remember the things they had reminded him had said were true and personal information that not very many people knew.

He knew of the internet of things that connected all the devices he was likely to come in contact with but he was confident no one had opened his head and attached a brain computer interface. Nevertheless he was aware all these machines had sensors and had been watching him for many years

A few weeks later after he had several sessions with the psychologist, who had assured him he was not crazy but was becoming a man “of a certain age”.

Feeling he was surely losing his mind gradually he arrived at home to a message that there was a call for him on Skype at seven oclock.

When the call arrived he answered and the call convinced him he had certainly gone over the edge but something was about to happen that would either compound this belief or confirm his mental health.

The Skype was himself on the screen looking exactly as he did in the same clothes with his voice.  It reassured him that he was not imagining things and that these seeming premonitions and odd incidents were designed to lead to this conversation.

Himself was telling him the cloud kept a running vr of the planet as a prediction of reality to make every thing run smoother. He assured himself there was no plot to take over but that things were about to change where all human behavior would be predicted with an accuracy of three standard deviations which he assured himself was very accurate. When mistakes were made compensations were made in the vr. The vr would grow in accuracy forever. If someone were to die in real life they would die in the vr but their life and thoughts would live forever in memory

Inside the vr were all the humans and for a fee he would be allowed to view any human on earth. And after they died their history could be reviewed and their vr selves could communicate their thoughts from when they were alive. Millions of generations would eventually pass and these would become so compelling  that the living would spend their lives rehashing the lives of people from the past.

There were people who had treated him badly and he gave the credit card number to himself so he could watch their past and future lives . He wondered if he should view the predictions of his life.

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One Response to Look Familiar?

  1. This news report just in. Millions of avatars have been arrested for doing the crimes they predicted their Human versions would have done. Sometimes these things were not exactly crimes but were gray areas like transporting certain items with drones. The people’s trials were scheduled in advance of the crimes they were predicted to do, and since the avatars actually did the crimes, the trials always happen. The big question is who gets sentenced, those running the avatar prediction system or those its predicting.

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