There was no need to measure time and he hadn’t an inkling how long he had been in the air bed or even how long it had been since he had opened his eyes. Eyes were for limited sight and could only detect a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. His brain computer interface received all of spectrum from mechanical eyes near his body. Robotic feeding systems kept him filled with the proper nutrients. Psychotropic drugs and other drugs designed by the advanced artificial intelligence coursed through him.
Bliss was his reality. There was never an unpleasant thought or feeling, never pain or remorse or guilt. His legs and arms had been absorbed as had been most of his organs. He had no need to leave this spot. Connections trunked through the computer allowed virtual interaction with any or all people alive. They talked about the colors and the myriad of inter-dimensional creatures they conversed with and the orgasms they experienced many times a day. They roamed the planet at will through the trillions of sensors across the planet watching every square inch of nature. They moved and touched and felt through remote control of advanced robots
The autonomic nervous system had withered to nothing. As he no longer had a need to breath or circulate blood. Machines had done that for him for thousands of years.
Something new was happening and he was receiving word from the cpu that he should feel sunshine on himself and was outside for the first time in as long as he could remember. The computer was telling him that more of his systems were being set up to operate automatically for increased efficiency. The sun now would provide the glucose needed to give him the energy to live and think and experience the continuation of the bliss
Over the next few months the withered remains of his legs began to grow and generate filaments that began to penetrate the earth drawing in the minerals and elements he needed to grow larger area to gather more of the sun’s rays. His bliss expanded somehow with the increased variety of ingredients for his body to manufacture the cocktail of drugs and chemicals his body now produced for itself when it was desired and in the quantity desired.
He hadn’t need or had voluntary movement in years but could feel movement in the wind of his biological solar energy collectors. Five thousand years of the bliss was like a moment to him. The sun and the wind accentuated the feeling.
As the sun beat down he decided he would actuate the sensors to find where he was so he could see himself. They located him easily and he saw through their eyes. He was a beautiful turquoise tree five hundred feet tall with birds and mammals living in his branches. He thought the bliss could not be improved but this was definitely an exciting change. He could see his friends alongside him creating a psychedelic forest of fruit and flowers feeding the birds and insects and mammals.
“ Nice” he thought. I wonder if this is heaven.


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