this blog is for futurists with a leaning toward artificial intelligence. comments should be in your word but quotes to support your POV are welcome. In the WordPress blog the comments must be filtered through the moderator. I am the moderator and will let all through except insulting or derogatory comments. Since the moderator must approve every comment it may be hours or the next day before it is applied. This will help to prevent personal off the cuff comments and will give the writer the leisure to make the comments less rambling. Links are acceptable.


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  1. someday69 says:

    Ok,zombiefood sent me here. Its already early in the morning one o’clock,,so I’ll come back and read your stories later ,,I have tryed to start writing here,,mine is not yet got very far,,but it’s called…’ stories from the orrt cloud’…..thanks for the link,,I forgot I had an account here..I’ll have to leave myself”ah note…good night….

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