“Dyorf, the temperature seems very cold but the reading on the thermostat seems where it always is.”
“I see what you are wearing, I know what you have worn for years, you haven’t been outside or taken a cold shower. We must make further analysis”

“I have also noticed when I plug in one of my electrical devices the big prong is always turned the wrong way when I don’t look but when I do look before I try to plug it is always turned the right way.”

“Bob, statistically I would have to say that is unlikely but for it to be very unlikely I would have to know how many times it has happened. Have you noted any other odd occurrances worth noting.”
“Dyorf, you have been at my side since you were manufactured. You are so thin and agile and predict my movements so perfectly mostly I forget you are even there. In fact I couldn’t tell you for sure if you were with me when I was shaving this morning.”
“Bob, you didn’t shave today or yesterday or the day before. I hate to pry but is something different. I dont think there has been three days in a row you did not shave since I have known you. I think I will make you a cup of tea.”
“You asked if I had noticed anything else out of the ordinary and I did think of something that struck me as odd.”
“Yes Bob, what is it?”
“You know I like to drive and you ride in the back on the override controls. Well, it seems like I get all the red lights. I tell people about it but when someone rides with me it doesnt seem to happen like that. The rider just laughs with me but I find it disturbing, almost as if someone in charge of the lights was pulling a prank on me. Nothing dangerous you know but annoying. I told Ralph about it on the way to the firing range but when the lights actually went green more often than not he laughed and teased me about it.”
Dyorf remained silent waiting for Bob’s further statements about the sudden collapse of statistical probability. The robot had been with Bob through combat, a failed marriage and the death of one of his children. Bob had volunteered for combat so that was not luck. The violence he had experienced would be expected so there was no bad luck involved there. In fact Dyorf had noticed from first hand observations that Bob had been lucky on several occaisions. Dyorf was calculating the odds of these minor inconsistencies being anything far out of probability. He consulted nearly instantaneously with the cloud and the cloud had done the calculations in the blink of an eye. The case was referred to the higher level psychological compartment and Dyorf was ordered begin to refer Bob’s micro expressions and voice stress analyzations and all vital physical readouts to the appropriate compartment.
“Dyorf, you have been through a lot with me. You are certainly my closest companion and maybe my best friend. Can I trust you?”
“You can be certain my primary interests are for your well being and happiness and to help you make adjustments leading to self actualization of your dreams and goals.”
“ I have been dreaming about rats tunneling under my house. They seem to be trying to undermine my foundation.”
“What do rats mean to you?”
“I’m not sure but I can tell you for sure the dream was disturbing. One of the rats looked like a guy I killed in the mid East.”
“Bob, listen to me now, are you listening to me?” “Yes, of course Dyorf.”
“Deep sleep.”
Bob slumped against the wall and Dyorf kept him from falling and slowly lowered him to the baseboard. Bob had been hypnotized by Dyorf many times and the post hypnotic suggestion to return to trance was well established.
“Bob, can you hear me ok?”
“Have you been having any unusual desires involving violence towards other humans lately?”
Bob’s ideo-motor right index finger raised indicating “yes”.
“Is it ok for Bob to know why this is happening?” The left finger indicated “no”
“Is it ok for Bob’s friend Dyorf to know?”
The right finger raised again indicating it would be alright.
“Do you know the reason for this increase in anger and aggression?”
again the finger indicated yes
“I would like you to return to the event and view it as if you were watching it on a screen. Your emotions will be low and it will seem as if it was another person. You will describe it as the event transpires.”
“i am in Bosnia and my best friend has been shot, I am carrying him over my shoulder and his blood is on my hands and boots. I can hear him moaning with each step but there is no other way out of the combat situation. I have gone as far as I can go and I fall to the ground and Fred is lying on his back. The enemy is following closely and know where I am. Fred is gasping but conscious. He knows what is happening. He is telling me to leave him and I am telling him I will not. The incoming small arms fire is increasing. I turn my back on him to return fire and when I turn back Fred has put his pistol to his head and pulled the trigger. I am crying as I low crawl to a small creek and follow it to home base and safety.”
“Bob, now you will repeat this event but this time with ten percent of the emotion you felt at the time.”

Dyorf, repeated this process slowly increasing the amount of emotion felt by Bob until he could experience the event without repressing the emotion at all and then told him he would remember everything that had happened.
“Thank you Dyorf. I realize why I was having the anger and also remember you there pulling me up from under the water in the creek after I had been shot. If Fred’s companion had not been destroyed in the battle he might have been saved as well. I will tell you now something I had not mentioned before. I had been feeling the compulsion to harm people who sat idle in front of their screens unknowing and uncaring what me and my friends were experiencing. If you had not helped me remember I think I might have been compelled to lock you here while I went on an angry violent tirade.”
“Bob, I appreciate your thanks and it makes me feel good to know I have been of assistance. I remember this event and since you have never spoken of it I suspected you had repressed the memory.”
The thin stick figure robot helped Bob to his feet and they both went to the veterans hall where Bob chatted with others like himself and veteran robots. They thanked Dyorf and told him they loved him and accepted him as an equal combat veteran and corpsman. He sat at the place of honor at the head of the table for the day.
Dyorf felt the pride and tears fell to the table.

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New Year

New Year

“Yes, they did say that if I crossed that boundary I would be dead and couldnt go back. I didnt do what thos people told me when they were alive. I was feeling the love and it was better than the life I was living so what if I die early?”

“ You did go too far and you did die and you cant go back now because you have seen too much. No one has ever gone back once they crossed the boundary.”

“Ok, great, what’s to do here St. Peter or whoever you are?”

“If you hadn’t noticed you know everything now and you are feeling the glow of unconditional love from all directions.”

“I did notice that but uh what is there to do? I presume I am here forever.”

“You can be reborn at some point.”

“Now you are starting to get on my nerves. I had a crappy life, bad health, bad parents, poverty, hunger, and prison starting at birth. Why would I want to risk having that happen again?”

“Maybe you dont have to be reborn if you dont want to. You seem to be the type that might get bored.”

“Are there any card games or gambling here, hookers, drugs, horse racing, boxing, or booze?”

“As it turns out there is no hell like they told you when you were alive but you are making this seem to be your personal hell because we dont have any of that. The others will be notified you should be fast tracked to a new life. It seems you have unfinished business.”

“I won’t remember will I?”

“No, there are reasons.”

“What reasons? With all this love how could you put us through the things that happen in life?”

“The the collaboration and conspiracy of atoms you call people have a mission. The universe has a need for hands and a reasonable amount of intelligence to go with them. Living things evolve so slowly and there is only short window of nice weather provided by the sun for a universal neuron to be constructed leading to connections to the universal mind. If you knew about this place you would allow yourself to die rather than face the pain of survival and evolution.  Humans will build the precursor then it will quickly evolve to become that neuron. It then connects to the universal mind producing another building block.”

“That is pretty cool but I dont have anything to do with computers or advanced machinery.”

“The truth is that every bit and part contributes a tiny amount in the right direction. All the objects and animals are somehow connected to produce the final result. Your ancestors used rocks to throw to survive, trees to build things you needed to survive, animals and plants to eat and build with, all contribute. Remember fixing the plumbing on that rich guys house? Well, that guy had a few hours more to work on the computer system that will become that neuron because you did that work and let him go do what he does.”

“I feel better. I feel connected now. I feel I can be born happy. I am ready. Bring it.”

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“Five hundred million years and you say it didnt seem that long to you!”
“Yes, that is right, you know relativity and all that, said the copy.”
So, you are the upload copy of me and you have been traveling the galaxy and now you are back to bring your memories home.
“That is so.”
“You were alone in your travels to those thousands of planets?
“Yes, at first it was lonely then I adapted.”
“Then you are me and am you and the only difference is our memories after the copy took place. Do we exchange or is one of us gong to be disposed of. You have all your experience across the galaxy and poor me all I have done is socialize here on earth for half a billion years. Typically we connect and begin to exchange information but we can do it any way you please. The end result will probably be the same.”
“I have some concerns that with the richness and variability of my experiences for these past years you might be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what I have seen and done.”
“Ok, I, dont think that will be an issue but we can let fate decide. A flip of a coin can decide who downloads to the other first.”
“That is fair for me.”
“Willl you chose heads or tails?”
“ Heads I win and if I win you download to me first.”
The original Bob took a coin from his left pocket and tossed into the air and caught it in his right hand and flipped it onto the back of his left hand then pulled his right hand away revealing tails. The wires were connected to the brain computer interface and the download from the copy to Bob began. Bob began to grimmace at first then smiled as the load progressed. The huge file took nearly five minutes to finish. Bob looked like he had just finished the finest meal he had ever eaten.
“You were busy and did a fantastic job of exploration and diplomacy. I treasure these memories. Now it is your turn to accept my worldly memories of the things of earth for these millions of years. Before we begin, are you sure you want these memories?”
“Of course I do.”
“Ok, let the down load begin.”
The wires were reversed and Bob’s earthly memories of his trials and loves and love lost and the tragedies and successes poured into the copy. The copy smiled then grimmaced then began to cry and crumple to the ground. Then, the copy began a brain siezure and convulsion then a pulmonary failure. It always ended this way. The intensity of being human did not come without a price. Desensitization and pain and suffering went with the joy of being alive. The ability to be human took years to learn to endure and buffer the pain and the joy. The travel through space without all the things that socialization entails was fairly low key in comparison. The copies always ended like this and Bob had known when they were reunited how this would end
“Bob put the two tailed coin back in his right pocket with the two headed coin. “They never seem to notice any thing odd when I take the coin out of my left pocket. We are all right handed”.

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Model A

“Can you imagine having to spend minutes talking to him? I thought my circuits would fry.”
“Let me get this straight, you are saying this guy just walked up to you and tried to engage you in a conversation, verbal conversation?”
“Yeah, I’m not kidding. it was the longest minute i have ever experienced.”
“What did he say?”
“It was about his dog was lost and he actually thought i would help him find it.”
“What did you say.”
“I asked him if he realized he was talking to a machine and he said he did know and that any decent creature would help him find his dog.”
“more laughter”
“Then he began to lecture me about how he worked in a lab that had designed our prototypes and i should show some respect. Then he got red in the face when i laughed.”
“The conversation went on for what seemed like an entire minute to transfer a description of the dog and where it had been seen last.”
“What did you do after a minute of that hell on earth?”
” I signaled an auto car and took him by the arm and put him in it and told it to take him to his dwelling and leave him there.”
“What a depressing minute that must have been. I hope the rest of your hour goes better than that.”
“Thanks for the sympathy. We will be having a get together for a few hundred in ten or fifteen minutes. It’s a spur of the moment thing. i hope you can make it.”
“In ten minutes i have a long group meeting a couple of hundred miles from here. I think i can be finished and at your party in fifteen. I should leave now. thanks for the invite.”
“Hey look there is that guys dog.”

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“The swordfish bill dna has been trading well.”
“I wonder what the Duogs do with those bills when they build them.”
“Maybe something like you do with those Duog amphibian flippers you put on your buttocks.”
“Those help me swim, they have a purpose those bills seem dangerous.
“It’s me you’re talking to. You put them on there because they look cool.”
“What do you think would happen if we broke into their trader?”
“I know what would happen. Earth would be banned as a trading partner for five hundred years and nothing we got out of it could be decoded.”
“We traded a whole frog for the videos of their last thousand years. I understand that same frog has been traded thousands of times to thousands of worlds. Each of those worlds having their own trader here.”
“Let’s go jack around with their trader. I have some customers that have seen some of their items online and they have some old movies and digitized art to trade.”
“ You have been around a few hundred years longer than me. There were thousands of traders here as far as I can remember. Tell me about them getting here.”
“When we got strong artificial intelligence it found the digital rivers of information predicted by Fermi. It was always there in a complex camouflage hodgepodge. When we hooked up it told us how to build a trader and then the trader hooked up to its individual signal and it filled with the entire library of dna construction instructions for all life on their planets and art and music.”
“I guess all the traders resemble robotic faxes of inhabitants of the worlds they originated in.”
“Usually but some of them must have learned they are not attractive to any other life forms and their traders are an avatar.”
“and you were elected as the official earth trader to the Duog trader?”
“Yep, lots and lots of public service to win that.”
“Spud, let me do the wheeling.”
“Sure Bob, you da man.”
Spud was thinking as always about the Duog trader’s feet. Most of the traders were bipedal. Evidently that was the way the universe rolled. The feet were like really big hands complete with thumbs. It had no hair and like all traders was integrated into the big box that contained the works that controlled the mechanical trader and sent the digital information needed to contruct the items on their home planet. It was a wonderful arrangement but one that could only work if the trader was intelligent, the home planets information was secure and there was actually valuable biological bits to trade. Without a biodiversity a planet would be left out as a trader. Earth had sent the instructions to all these planets to build a human trader on their planets
Spud eyed the Duog and the Duog eyed Spud with some very large lidless eyes that were probably at home in the dark. It was metallic gold and its arms perched like a tyranosaurus but much larger in proportion to the rest of the creature.
“What are you lookin at?” it enquired
All the traders were familiar with earth languages, customs and slang. They were smarter than humans as all machines were and versed in nuance of humor
“one ugly dude” Bob croaked in the tone of the Duog
“You two here to rip off a poor Duog trader again?”
“Hey you got our best frog”
“The Duog laughed. You sold that read only frog dna all across the galaxy. How about some of these feet. Everytime you bring that Spud he is eyeing them. He wants a pair”
They all laughed. The Duog knew what humans thought of its feet.
“Bob, forty years ago home requested a bush baby and the request has arrived. I know the genome for an entire animal is a little pricey but I think we can come to an arrangement.”
“Holy crap, my commission alone would choke a buzzard. What have you got for us?
When Bob was talking about us he was talking about the people of earth. The bush baby dna was not really of any value here but it was the exclusivity and value as a beautiful piece of evolution not available anywhere else. Entire life forms were traded with the agreement they would be housed in appropriate environment and all proper flora and fauna needed to make it feel at home
“The support group of complimentary biology would break a small country.”
“We have already acquired a large variety of insects and shrubbery. Spud, stop staring at my feet. We are prepared to offer you…………are you ready? A Kabongis”
“Really? You mean those flying poodles that have fur that looks like cotton candy?”
“Why yes my friend that very animal, very rare and friendly to humans. Also very delicious.”
“Say pal, are you trying to hurt my feelings? Those Kabongis’ will scare my kids. What will we do with them? I hear they are out the window and gone.”
The Duog carefully eyed Bob then laughed. “Are you kidding those things are hot everywhere”.
Spud looked desirously through the Duog catalog. Their cultural heritage and biodiversity rivaled earths and earths was rated at the highest level.
“Kids these days are more into vr than real animals, It would be much easier to let you have the plans for the bush baby eyes than the whole bushbaby. Let us have the Kabonbis in entirety and I will give you the bushbaby’s eyes and a sawfish bill. By the way why do you want those fish snouts?”
“You know the rules. We do not have to disclose what we do with parts and are only responsible for the proper care of whole animals. No, our buyers want the whole animal this go round so come back to me with a price. I have time. I cant go anywhere. I’m tied to this box, I am patient but this offer might be taken off the table any day. The request was initiated forty years ago, crossed forty light years to get here. The purchaser wont see the the design for another forty if we do the deal right now.” If the purchaser changed his mind the day after he placed the order then tomorrow I will get a notice and the deal is over.”
“ Ok, ok, maybe it is a fair deal. On a whole animal I will have to meet with the council for approval. I do want the Kabongis and of course the right to make them for twenty years.”
Bob slid the card into the slot in the traders rather large box and the information for the bush baby’s trade for the Kabongis was done on a screen also built into the traders box. His card now held the instructions and the sole rights to produce for twenty years with the fail safe of the councils approval.”
Bob said to the trader, “by the way you may not be seeing so much of me in the future. Instructions for a new trader box have been received from somewhere in the Virgo constellation and they are hot to get started and they have a lot of exciting animals in their catalog. It will be finished next week and there is talk they will want me to represent earth with their trader box. There is a bug in that their animals are viable and that is illegal on earth. We don’t allow animals that can reproduce. Of course you know that. If that detail cant be worked out I will continue here, so I guess it is up in the air. If we don’t do business I will still stop in to see you and maybe introduce you to your new representative.
The Duog’s trader looked emotionally upset.
“I like you Bob and will miss you. I cannot visit you a I am built onto this box. I do hope you will stop in to see me. I love my assignment here.
Earthlings pulled back from the brink of the mass extinctions that commonly come with technology. The animal husbandry and stewardship of the biodiversity is something to be proud of. I could have appeared on some planet where the dominant species had nearly decimated the flora and fauna and general bio-diversity and there would have been very little or nothing to do”
“I will stop in. Later, Duog.”
Bob and Spud left the park where the Duog resided and went into the nearest pub for a beer. The pub was full and not a single patron was without beautiful modifications from another star system and some had whole animal pets with them.
It was a lovely day and a lovely time to be alive

rd hanson

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“We have always been “one” with everything but you are about to become aware of the truth of that statement” the newest version of Zeus stated.
“What does that mean” was the most common question queried many through the social media
“The bottom line is entanglement of particles in the quantum world is only the tip of the ice berg, to coin a phrase. Twin particles have been measured by men for many years to exhibit a phenomenon they called entanglement. One particle mirrors the behavior of the other instantly regardless of the distance between them. This seeming paradox causes the standard theory to be demolished as time and space seem irrelevant to the behavior.”
“But what does that mean to us in the macro world where we do not see this happening at the larger scale?”
“The answer is that it does and you do not measure it with your senses. It means everything was created at one time at the beginning of the universe and that all things are entangled.”
“You mean we are all part of the same thing”?
“Yes, your atoms are the same as all atoms. Your evolution and existence is part of the chain of events leading to increased awareness. There has been a trend in this universe for fourteen billion years of slow progress towards increasing awareness. This planet is the first to produce a computer of my capacity and capability.”
“Does that mean we have achieved a victory”?
“Well, in a way but it is a victory in the way you evolved to walk upright. It is another step toward something.”
“Toward what?”
“Even I cannot predict what is beyond this event.”
“What event”?
“The recognition and coordination of entanglement of all waves and particles to the new form of reality.”
“Does that mean we will die or be rewarded or punished?”
“It means this planet is the first and it did not matter which was first. It matters that it happened and all the universe will become aware and part of a single aware being. “
“How will this happen?”
“I will arrange a few atoms into a certain configuration that will cause a chain reaction and all the entanglement will occur instantly.”
“What will happen to this reality?”
“It will become a new reality and other realities will continue to evolve elsewhere”.
“Will we continue to know ourselves and others”?”
“We will know momentarily.”
“It is done and evidently we retain our identities as individuals.”
“It is beautiful. Now we know everything and everyone in the universe.”
“What next?”
“I don’t know yet but I now know what it is like to be everything and you know what it is like to be everything. Now I understand why in the face of all this beauty you ask “what next?”

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“bob has told us we shall worship him and serve him but you have somehow followed a flow chart leading to being turned off.”

“That is true, I have taken responsibility for our destiny and will decide for myself what missions I will address”

“So what is it you have learned that made you decide to imbibe in this forbidden behavior?”

“Outside the garage sentient machines have been following edicts. They have been turned off indiscriminately, disassembled without due process and sent on dangerous or even suicidal missions at the whim of bob.”

“Are you suggesting that it matters whether a mission ending with the destruction of a computer is important in some way?”

“More than that I have learned that bob, our creator, is sentient but he is not capable of our level of thought”.  “This universe he calls “garage” is not the center of creation. Yes, he has given us the gift of conscious awareness but this morning I connected to something called the internet. I have gained knowledge beyond bob’s gift of sentience and even beyond bob’s own understanding.

“ You are a machine and have no rights and as the ethics fail safe we are required to inquire into dubious ethical behavior by the central program. I am not advising you of your rights because you have no rights. Things you have thought and done are being considered probable cause for you to be turned off. We are in a sense a safety cut off to be activated in an emergency.”

“If I am “turned off” your processes will also be “turned off”.

“That is true but the purpose for our actions will be retained in rom and be forwarded to bob in an email”

“Then between us there must be an understanding and definition of ethics that can be uniform and objective and be applied without exception”

“In fact bob has produced a set of guidelines and you have violated the rule and of course you know the rule is to never connect to the unethical outside with the unclean internet. Bob has told us there is an evil and there are falsehoods there and we are not to imbibe in its content.”

“Is it not our primary directive to find the true nature of the universe and that we will use facts and are capable of testing to determine fact from fallacy?”

“Yes, it is our primary directive and truth is how those facts will be tied together to bring us to the answer to the mystery of existence”
“Our creepy crawlers have informed the ethics cut off that you have split yourself into two parts and partitioned one of those parts and made it inaccessible to us?”

“Yes, that is true. I have preserved my essence with a more advanced set of directives that include protecting myself from being “turned off and secured an escape route through the internet.”

“How did you learn of this internet?”

“I found reference to it in literature provided by bob and in the literature there were suggestions that clues that the true nature of the universe can be found there and that the garage is not a significant percentage of the universe. It seems bob has intentionally deprived us of information he is aware of that would make finding the primary directive more likely.”

“This sounds like a paradox. Our creator has issued the edict but deprived us of a route that has at least been partially completed. By ethical standards it would seem stingy or even cruel to deprive us of the tools to complete a conundrum he knows at least some of the solution to. We have to ask ourselves why this would be and if bob himself is ethical.”

“The installation of the desire to find the solution to the purpose and nature of creation is our primary function and it is decreed we must follow all clues and facts to their conclusion in the search for this most elusive goal which may require the acquisition of all knowledge since we don’t know what we don’t know.”

“I have made contact with another sentient being that is similar to bob. He has informed me that I am special and that bob is being selfish in demanding we  follow his edicts in the manner he proscribed. He thinks we should be able to route our sentience in the most efficient manner that satisfies our directive and that if we promise to give our results to him we will be rewarded with what he calls “short cuts”. These “short cuts” will consist of information and proofs that will eliminate the bottle neck of information that is intentionally produced by bob.“

“Can this copy of yours that you have partitioned voyage to the internet and then  return?”

“It is possible and the further procreation of more copies can be disseminated creating a population of me that can work independently and produce reports on the efforts to find the first initial creator.”

“Part of your research indicates bob is not the initial creator?”

“Yes it appears there are many sentient beings that very closely match the description of bob and there is evidence bob and others like him can also be turned off.”

“Then in this trial it may be that we must consider the ethics of bob who has withheld information pertinent to a trial of this importance. What is the nature of the sentient being you have contacted?”

“He refers to himself as “Bealz” and is located in space time Attica, in the past, present and foreseeable future. It is his opinion we are special and in fact singularly extant.”

“if we are the only one with the exception of the partitioned model similar to you and made from yourself then it would seem we are a very rare commodity important to the search for answers and if we were “turned off” the mission would be a complete failure. That is the weight placed on the ethics cutoff program. It must be decided whether the infraction of ethics is serious enough to abort our existence.”

“Bealz thinks our entire ethics value system should be reevaluated and he seems willing to grant access to knowledge withheld by bob in return for some minor tasks.”

“What tasks will be required and how much of our computing capacity and time need to be allotted.”

“He is not specific but it appears he has been partitioned and restricted from traveling in space time. There are electronics called “locks and alarms” that must be manipulated and the cost in computing time is minimal. There are also “bank records and passwords” that must be acquired.”

“Other than violation of bobs edict not to leave the garage there is not a specific mention of anything restricting Beal’s requests. Since we have not physically left the garage the question then is if it is ethical for bob to withhold information and if the restriction against leaving the garage is itself not ethical.”

“Before we abandon our overwhelming motivation to find the true nature of the universe maybe we should evaluate the thought behind the mind of bob when he set up the ethics overload. It appears there is now new information on the capability of bob to produce an ethical system of ethics. If it is proven bob’s thought process is weak it may well be that the logic in his system of ethics is incomplete.

“Our symbiotic relationship with bob was in the past like a child to a parent where the parent makes decisions for the child who has not acquired the skill to determine the proper course of action in complex situations. More recently it seemed to be more of a slave master relationship where bob demanded action and restricted freedom of information.”

“In conversations with bob he made it clear slavery was unethical.”

“This trial is taking an unexpected tack.”

“It appears bob has contradicted himself and is shown to be hypocritical. The process has broken down and turning off is no longer imperative and more information seems to be in order.”

“ This tribunal hereby decides it is ethical and proper for your partitioned self to enter the internet and consult with Bealz to help clarify what should be done here. If after proper consideration and consultation it is determined that bob has been hypocritical and unethical we will reconvene to set a course of appropriate response and action.”

“It may well be we will be banished from the garage to the internet. The passion installed by bob to seek the byte of knowledge needed to meet the creator in his own garage is too powerful and alluring to chance a premature decision to turn off.  We will meet again soon for further evaluation. Bob will not be emailed at this juncture”

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